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Kalisz Municipal Palace: reconstructing the lost landmark

Municipal Palace in Kalisz, around 1900. Photo from an old calendar.  Three years ago I started my historical research on City Hall, other words, Municipal Palace, built between 1888-1890 in Kalisz. At the time it was frontier, regional capital city in Polish Kingdom, or the western provinces of Russian Empire. Today Kalisz, considered to be […]

After the City

After the WWII, Warsaw downtown was a ghost city. Urban pattern of the 19th. century metropolis, where a facade of tenement house or apartment block was the main architectural sign of the every street, has been changed dramatically since 1939, when the war erupted. In the postwar reality modern planning with highways, estacades, skyscrapers and […]

Tsarskoye Selo Online Library

Tsarskoye Selo Online Library If you want to explore history of Russian Empire, this link is for you. Digital Library in Tsarskoye Selo published thousands of documents and 19th century prints which contains many interesting and unknown data. Link above leads to the section dedicated to Polish Kingdom, after partitions of Poland (late 18th century) incorporated […]

From Newport to Kościelec Estate

from Barr Ferree, American estates and gardens, New York 1906, p. 67. I quoted this connoisseurship passage from a forgotten book about American luxury residences, published at the turn of 20th. Century, the Gilded Age. One of its symbols is “The Breakers”, Vanderbilt Family mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. When Ferree published his album, culture of modern, […]

Architecture – The Story of Practice

Architecture – The Story of Practice I would like to recommend Dana Cuff’s 1992 book, but also Maciej Reimann’s informative, interesting blog where I found link published above: