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Summer Postcard: Shrine of Our Lady of Lichen

The biggest temple in Poland, also the most controversial one – Shrine of Our Lady of Lichen (1993-2004) in Central Poland. View from the Szadowskie Gory, part of the Turek Hills (approx. 40 km distanced).

Shadows. What do we have in common?

The new district of Thureck under construcion, WWII.¬†Photo: Courtesy J. Mehoffer Museum of Turek, Turek, Wielkopolska, PL (EU), Kreisbildstelle Thureck Wartheland Collection.¬† German Administration in occupied western parts of Poland worked constantly until The End in January 1945. Landratsamt in Thureck, before 1939 Turek in Greater Poland, was not an exception: its officials remained in […]