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Kalisz: notes to the digital map of the 1914-burned down town

Paint-like-colours: – Red: public buildings – Pink: parish buildings, churches, synagogues – Yellow: residental blocks – Violet: factories – Navy blue: garrisons – Brown: city villas Public gardens marked in bottle green; gardens – in grass green. Prosna ant other rivers marked in blue.  

The pleasure garden

The history of Kalisz public garden is a story of modernity and public spaces constructed within. Desire, commodities, money, gender, race, power, Empire, history and culture: those categories shaped narratives of this modern “Eden” around the year 1900. To read more, follow the photo-link (Polish only).

Prewar Warsaw

From “Warszawa 1935” digital movie scenario of prewar Warsaw, released this month. Fascination of unpresent architectural landscape, culture and the myth of 19th. century “Belle Epoque” city.

Immersed in history

First thing that some of the people still living here remember, like my Grandmother, is The Ghetto Wall. During the World War II Warsaw was divided into many cities by Nazi occupation and its everyday practices. The whole Muranów District, densely populated, living and colorful area of Jewish life and culture, was cut off in 1940 from […]

Kalisz Municipal Palace: reconstructing the lost landmark

Municipal Palace in Kalisz, around 1900. Photo from an old calendar.  Three years ago I started my historical research on City Hall, other words, Municipal Palace, built between 1888-1890 in Kalisz. At the time it was frontier, regional capital city in Polish Kingdom, or the western provinces of Russian Empire. Today Kalisz, considered to be […]

From Newport to Kościelec Estate

from Barr Ferree, American estates and gardens, New York 1906, p. 67. I quoted this connoisseurship passage from a forgotten book about American luxury residences, published at the turn of 20th. Century, the Gilded Age. One of its symbols is “The Breakers”, Vanderbilt Family mansion in Newport, Rhode Island. When Ferree published his album, culture of modern, […]