From the 1937’s “Work and Culture of the Village” exposition in Liskow, with Polish Military HQ examining the site of the “ideal village” model. Advertisements

Between 2007-2012 a small city of Uniejów, located in the very heart of the country along Warta river in Łódzkie Voivodeship, became the most recent-established holiday and Spa resort in Poland. Thanks to the warm springs of thermal waters, discovered in 1978, and according to the multipurpose business-plan of local municipal authorities, the city was […]

CALL FOR PAPERS: KALISZ 2015                                                                       (RE)CREATING HISTORICAL TOWNS AND CITIES: NATION, POLITICS, SOCIETY  IN POST 1914 URBAN RESTORATIONS International ConferenceKalisz 2015 […]

A Conversation with Wanda Bubriski Nonprofit Leadership, the Gender Gap, and Architect Barbie: A Conversation with Wanda Bubriski by SAH News | Jan 02, 2014 Interview by Victoria Solan

  In one of the 1911 issues of polish illustrated magazine “Swiat” (ed. in Warsaw) historian can find short note about fire of The New York State Capitol in Albany, NY. In description journalist posted information about the building, which was considered to be one of the most marvelous public buildings in the United States […]

Rapid urban growth of this first industrial city in Russia western provinces (before 1867 known as “Polish Kingdom”) caused many architectural and technical problems, effects of inefficient legal structure of municipal government.

One more vintage exhibition footage from Lodz, the second industrial metropolis of the former Polish Kingdom at the turn of the XX Century. In the middle of the chronicle you can see “Luna” cinema pavilion.