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  In one of the 1911 issues of polish illustrated magazine “Swiat” (ed. in Warsaw) historian can find short note about fire of The New York State Capitol in Albany, NY. In description journalist posted information about the building, which was considered to be one of the most marvelous public buildings in the United States […]

Rapid urban growth of this first industrial city in Russia western provinces (before 1867 known as “Polish Kingdom”) caused many architectural and technical problems, effects of inefficient legal structure of municipal government.

One more vintage exhibition footage from Lodz, the second industrial metropolis of the former Polish Kingdom at the turn of the XX Century. In the middle of the chronicle you can see “Luna” cinema pavilion.

Modernization, its politics and propaganda arranged around architecture and urban planning can be analized around the 1937′ exposition “Culture and Work of the Polish Village” in Liskow near Kalisz.

(2011). Palace of Culture and Science (1952-55) on the right.

This article from the renowned weekly magazine “Stolica” from the 1958 is one of the interesting examples of interest in 19th. century residental architecture of Warsaw and its suburbs. Written by Zdzisław Bieniecki, article describes Gothic Revival suburban villa of industrialist and politician Jan Mitkiewicz, erected in 1840 between Chmielna and Widok streets, on the […]

Build around 1859, according to design of architect Stanisław Hebanowski, altered ca. 1900. During the Nazi occupation of Poland overtaken from the prewar owners (Niemojowski family); after WWII palace housed orphanage and public school. In the 1990s. abandoned. Sold by the local authorities in 2001. Renovated ca. 2005 by the new owner.

The biggest temple in Poland, also the most controversial one – Shrine of Our Lady of Lichen (1993-2004) in Central Poland. View from the Szadowskie Gory, part of the Turek Hills (approx. 40 km distanced).

The new district of Thureck under construcion, WWII. Photo: Courtesy J. Mehoffer Museum of Turek, Turek, Wielkopolska, PL (EU), Kreisbildstelle Thureck Wartheland Collection.  German Administration in occupied western parts of Poland worked constantly until The End in January 1945. Landratsamt in Thureck, before 1939 Turek in Greater Poland, was not an exception: its officials remained in […]